Sunday, February 6, 2011

Key Lime Soap Pie Cut!

Couldn't wait!  I just cut the Key Lime Soap Pie!  That was only about 4 hours after making it.  The soap heated up, but I just left it out uncovered.  I waited until it cooled down before I popped it out of the mold.  Never thought I'd be able to cut it that quickly, but it came out great!

Here's a slice.

Super cute!  Right now they are about 3.75 oz per slice.  Which will probably cure out to 3.5 oz in the end.  I think next time though I will add more piping around the edge and less in the center.  I like the piping to look more built up along the outside.  Yay!  OK, now we'll see how well the vanilla white color stabilizer will work as the slices cure.

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