Sunday, February 6, 2011

Haul: New stuff - well new to me

I was on one of the soap forums and discovered a member was selling some of her items.  SCORE!

What is all of this?  Well, the two molds on the left are Woodfields molds.  They are silicone lined wood molds.  The top one is a two one pound double mold and the bottom is a 4 lb log mold.  I have been looking at these Woodfield molds as well as similar Uplands molds (out of business) for a long time!  This seller was getting rid of her gently used Woodfields!  Yay!

The white divided tray mold is an HDPE mold from Soap Hutch.  This one holds 4.5-8 pounds depending how deep I pour the slab.  I was looking at these as well, but these are really expensive, so never thought I'd ever get one.  Yay!

The black item on the right is a Commercial Quick Cutter soap slicer from For Crafts Sake affectionately known as a "Tank".  I have drooled over this one, but never thought I'd ever get one.  For one thing I'd be locked into only one width of soap cutting.  This one is set at one inch increments.  But this opportunity wasn't to be missed.  The seller hadn't even used it yet, so it IS new!  Yay!!

If I had purchased all of these items new it would have been ludicrously expensive!!  But second hand these were a sweet deal!  

Love them, love them, love them!!  I can't wait to use them!

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