Saturday, January 29, 2011

Waiting for lye...

No soaping this weekend.  I'm out of lye.  No lye, no soap.

I guess I could do some MP soap or make some balms...  Or just veg out...

My fingers are doing some internet shopping though.  Ordered some more Coconut oil.  Purchased more fragrance oils.  The path to soaping supply explosion is made up of 1 oz fragrance bottles!

I keep wanting to try treating my hair with coconut oil.  I hear coconut oil is great for hair.  Like a hot oil treatment.  Melt some in a bowl in the microwave, then finger through hair and let sit for some time. Wash out.  I'm curious.  Maybe I'll try that this weekend.

I was thinking of maybe trying out a soap "pie".  I would use only one of my round cake silicone pans, then pipe the top.  It would look more like a pie, cut it into wedges like pie slices.  Hmmm, maybe.

Oh I just saw this photo of a Dragonscale weave chainmail collar necklace at (click on this link).  God, look how it just drapes on the neck!  Sleek and bold.  For a 16 inch collar it takes over 3000 rings and a little less than a POUND of silver!  Weighty!!  I've made Dragonscale bracelets in the past and I love them!

These are my Dragonscale bracelets. This one is all sterling

This one has colored anodized niobium rings and sterling rings. 

The bracelets are weighty and bold.  Wow to have a whole collar!  It's gorgeous!  Hmmm....  maybe I need to get back to making jewelry. 

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