Saturday, January 22, 2011


I got to soaping today.  I wanted to try and use up my tallow.  I don't think I'll purchase more tallow.  I'll probably just stick with vegetable fats and oils.  But I had some tallow left.  I still have a small amount left.  I have some lard left over in the fridge as well.  I'll have to weight those out and make a batch that uses those up.  I have a small amount of palm kernel oil as well.  I also wanted to use up rice bran oil.  I used about 2 lbs, but still have about 1lb left.  Rice Bran Oil is supposed to be a good alternative to Olive Oil.  But I personally didn't notice a huge difference so I'll just stick with OO.  I'm trying to narrow down the oils and butters that I have lying around.  I'm trying to simplify!


I wanted to make another soap cake.  But this time it won't be a round cake, more like a rectangular log cake.  So I poured 1 inch into 2 of my loaf molds.  Tomorrow I'll unmold them and "frost" them.  I mixed Orange Peel FO and Champagne FO.  So they will be Mimosa cakes.  I had a little extra today so I made a couple of cupcakes. 

I also used Love Spell FO to make another soap loaf.  I divided the batter into 6 and mixed them with 6 mica colors which I plopped into the mold a little at a time.  I also embedded white hearts and stars.  I'm really excited to see what this soap will look like when I cut it! 

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