Thursday, December 30, 2010


I got inspired by a YouTube video where the person rebatched or handmilled their soap.  I thought I'd try again.  I shredded up a bunch of old soaps and used my slow cooker.  I shredded up 2 lb 4 oz of soap which was all at least a couple of months old.  I think throughout the cook I added 5/8 cup of water. 

I wonder if the slow cooker dries out the soap too much.  I think it was cooking for 3 hours before most of the chunks were melted.  As soon as I started to glop into the mold it was hardening up.  I even preheated the mold so that the soap wouldn't be hitting a cold mold.  But still I had to really glop and push into the mold.  This batch I kept to fruity smelling soaps and I added satsuma FO to it. 

I still have more soaps that I could rebatch, I have some more with bakery type scents that I could melt together.  Maybe I'll try using more water next time.  I just don't want to add too much water, then it will take longer to dry out.  Got to find that balance. 

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