Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Other interesting things from the show…

Another interesting thing that popped up at the show over the weekend, people were really attracted to the names of some of the soaps.  People were really amused by the Butt Naked soap.  The soap was named that because the FO was called Butt Naked.  There were a lot of good natured comments about how it doesn't smell like butt and so forth.  It's really a fruity bananay smell.  Why the FO is called Butt Naked?  Don't know.  I just went with it.  Most of my soap names actually described the fragrance.
Maybe I should sell more soaps with odd ball names like Monkey Farts or Lick Me All Over or Liquid Crack.  They don't describe what the scent is at all, but they are funny names. 

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