Monday, March 29, 2010


I have been playing around with melt and pour soap (also known as glycerin soap).  It's easy because I cut up chunks of already made soap base, melt it in the microwave, add fragrance and color, then pour into molds.  Once the soap is cooled and hard I can just pop them out of the mold and they are ready to use.  No need to wait weeks for curing/drying like in cold process or hot process soap making. 

I recently got some shot glass molds.  They are intended to make ice shot glasses, but I saw somewhere where they were used to make soap.  I thought I'd try.  I got 2 different kinds.  At Bed Bath and Beyond I got a 2 piece hard plastic molds, 12  molds in the pack.  These are really hard to unmold.  Because the plastic is hard it has no flexibility.  I had to bang and twist, put it in the freezer, bang and twist, bang and twist several times before I was able to pop them out of the mold.  The second mold I got is silicone.  After a couple of attempts to get it online, both times they were sold out after I made the purchase, I finally found it in a cooking supply store Santa Cruz.  This is so much easier to unmold.  It's a one piece mold with 4 cavities.  The glasses are a bigger than the hard plastic mold. 

Anyway I made shot glasses and the “shots” to go in them.  I left the soap clear for the “glasses” then colored the “liquid”.  I put fragrance in both clear and colored so the entire soap would have scent.   For the “liquid” in  the first shot in the hard plastic mold I used an opaque colorant so it's looks weird.  I don't know what kind of drink would be opaque burgundy color.  I fragranced it with Black Cherry, smells sort of like cough syrup.  The silicone shots I used Strawberry Jam fragrance and Bramble Berry's Non-Bleeding Red for the liquid.  Looked really cool.  But when I looked at the shot today, the red coloring had bled to the clear glass, so the entire soap has a red haze to it.  That's so disappointing.  If you look at the photos, the red shot used to look like the green and orange one.  Well, I went ahead and made a couple more today anyway.  I used Lime Mint fragrance with Emerald colorant and Grapefruit with Marigold colorant (it's actually meant for cold process, but I tried anyway).  The Marigold came out more orange, I probably should have used an orange fragrance instead of grapefruit.  Oh well.  

I'm sure these shots will bleed through as well.  I'm glad I got photos of them before that happens.  Colorants like oxides and micas won't bleed in melt and pour soaps, but they make the clear soap opaque, so it doesn't look like a translucent drink anymore. 

Oh, I tried the smaller shot and it lasted about 9 showers.

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