Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cut up 3/28 soaps – lard soaps

So today I cut up yesterdays soaps.  The unfragranced 25% and 50% lard soaps have no piggy or baconny smell; at least to me.  I really wish I had gotten a sample of the 70% lard soap before I mixed in the FO.  Too bad, but I don't think that one would have smelled any more porky than the 25% or 50% ones. 
I love cutting the soap logs.  There is something so satisfying about the feeling of cutting into the semi-hard/semi-soft logs, to see how the color swirling turned out, and to know that I made soap.  I really do think I like making soap more than I like using it.  I have only one body and I take only one shower a day, but I can make up a bunch of different batches of soap with different colors and fragrances.  It's so much fun.

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