Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making my d20 soap-on-a-rope!

So, some of you may know I have been lured into the world of D&D RPG Gaming.  In my web browsing what do I come upon but a D20 soap-on-a-rope!!  Well, being a soap maker I was fascinated.  How could I make such a thing? 
Well, I purchased a HUGE d20.  2.5 inches (55cm) in diameter d20! 

Oh, for those of you who aren't gamers, this is a count down die.   See how the numbers dial down right next to each other.  So, it's not a legal die to use in RPGA.
Then I went to Tap Plastics and purchased their Platinum silicone molding material (not cheap, by the way).  I chose the Platinum silicone because I really didn't want to make a two part mold and it's the most flexible and tear resistant mold that I could make.  I'm really hoping that it will won't tear too much with use.  But I still have enough the silicone molding material to make another mold if need be.  Here's the mold.

I melted some melt and pour soap added color and fragrance and I made some soap-on-a-rope!

Cool huh.
I suppose I could use cold process soap, but I only have one mold and I couldn't make a batch so small to only make one d20 soap; and CP soap takes 24 hours to unmold.  So, M&P soap it is for this.  I used goat's milk M&P soap base for this one.  I got some thin nylon strapping for the rope.  I really wanted nylon braiding, but I couldn't find any at the fabric store.  And next time I would make the rope longer.  I ran out of soap the first time and had to pour out and melt some more and re-pour into the mold.  It was still not quite enough so it's not quite clean at the top and I had some bubbles in the liquid soap so there are tiny little bubbles near the top and it's not smooth. 
Oh, was this process worth it?  Not in $$.  Sheesh I could have purchased several of these soaps on a rope for the time, effort, and cost that went into making one d20 soap of my own. 
But was I satisfied and did I have fun… heck yeah!
Making my own silicone mold was so cool, and so easy!  I can make more d20 soaps any time I want. 

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